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“‘Mother, She’s Just a Minimate!’ As If Men Don’t Desire Minimates…”

Psycho Minimates

I admit freely that for the most part, I simply don’t get Minimates. I’m not sure what a cross between a licensed action figure, a Lego figure and one of the little Fisher Price people has in the way of appeal. That and I see far too many “versions” of figures, where it’s take a new form and slap the familiar face/paint job on it and now you’ve got how many different Captain Americas on your shelf? That being said, I have a weakness for…well, the twisted.

That’s why I was drawn against my better judgement to the aforementioned Mola Ram Mighty Mugg. And why I dig Luke Porter’s Psycho set, complete with mom in rocking chair. See his website here.

And also fantastic is Sillof (who we’ve mentioned before) and his Terry Gilliam set of inspired custom figs. Awesome.

Found via Neatorama.