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Ministry Bulletin – The Joydick: Con Or Controller

As you may have noticed, the staff here at Needcoffee have certain specific areas that we report on. Widge has caffeine and zombies, Dindrane has anime and animals attacking humans, and Tuffley has music and fabulous haberdashery. So I thought it was a little strange when both Widge and Cosette sent me some link from SF Media Labs about some new video game controller. You see, besides being the Keeper of the Fu, Doc Ezra is Minister of Gaming, so this should go to him. Then I opened the link and realization dawned.

Be warned, this is slightly Not Work Safe.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

[ad#longpost]Initially, I thought this was a funny parody. Someone over that SF Media took the old joke of the phallic nature pf the ‘joystick’ and took the obvious next step. But I kept reading, it looked like they built this thing for real.

The post talks about various parts like resistors and resonators and Infra-Red LED emitters. There are tools required like needle-nosed pliers, volt meters, and a soldering iron. The construction of the sensors, the strap, and the interface between the Joydick and the game system seems fairly complex. If it is part of the joke, it’s awfully elaborate. So if anyone out there has engineering expertise, please tell me if this is for real or this is just bullshit.

Also, please advise if the Joydick would be safe with water-based or silicone-based lubricants.

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