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Geek Draft

I’m bringing back a project Widge tried out several years ago, the Geek Draft. Similar to Fantasy Football and the various drafts done over at C.H.U.D., participants would take fictional characters and create a team for some purpose. This time we are going try out using Twitter to improve the process. Six lucky contestants will take the challenge and see how good their popular cultural knowledge really is.

Here’s your mission. Your five person team must retrieve the Great McGuffin from The Vault. No one knows what security systems, defense mechanisms, or security personnel guard The Vault. But no one that has tried to breach The Vault has survived.

The order in which contestants make their picks will be set randomly. For each round, you must select a fictional character that hasn’t been claimed by another team, what role they play in the team, and a brief reasoning why you picked them in a tweet with the hashtag #geekdraft. Also submit a picture either through a separate tweet, a Direct Message to Scottums on Twitter, or email

You will have 12 hours from when the last pick is posted to submit yours. If you miss it, well your team is just going to have to do more with less.

If you want to participate, contact me through Twitter or through email at

This post will NOT self-destruct in five seconds. Because that would be silly.

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  • I am all in. My team last time was magnificent. Aunt Bea had a posse!