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Colors Are Overrated Digest #9

Oakley SI Assault Boot

  • Oakley is doing its part to fight Skynet, since apparently they make the official boot of the robot apocalypse. The S.I. Assault Boot they make was originally made for military only, and then they made a street version. And Christian Bale‘s John Connor wears them in Terminator: Salvation. As part of their push for their boots and the film, Oakley is offering two passes to see the movie with $175 in purchases. And that would be…these boots. They’re awesome, but pricey. Check them out on Amazon here.
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    Dead Pirate from Threadless Select

  • Next, we’ve got a Threadless Select shirt. And I’ll admit this to you: we adore Threadless around here and have made no secret of that. But their Threadless Select line has left a lot to be desired. That has changed with this, “Dead Pirate” by the artist McBess. It’s amusing. But $25 amusing is a question you’ll have to ask yourself. You can snag yours here.
  • Lighthouse Lounge Goonies T-Shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere

  • If you’re going to talk that kind of money, I’d probably put it towards this shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere, another t-shirt emporium whose goods we pine for incessantly. The only reason I don’t own pretty much every black shirt they produce is because of shipping costs and the currency exchange. But I’ve still managed to break down and get a few. They are fantastic. This one is no exception–and the pop culture elect among you will know that it’s a Goonies reference. Get yours here.
  • Sharkbite Wetsuit bydiddo

  • The wetsuits from bydiddo are quite fantastic as well. There’s the kind that looks like a rusted old diving suit, then there’s one with a whale shark pattern on it (I wonder how they’d react at the Georgia Aquarium if somebody showed up in one of those to swim with the whale sharks), but the one that’s applicable here is the black suit that looks like the wearer has found themselves on the wrong end of a bait ball feeding frenzy. (Don’t know what I mean? Check out Blue Planet.) They’re not available for sale yet but you read more about them here. Found via Boing Boing.
  • BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle

  • Now Uncrate, where we found this BMW S 1000 RR, has this to say: “This nasty new superbike features a water-cooled four-cylinder inline power plant good for 193 hp, factory ABS, an advanced traction control system, an HP Gearshift Assistant for full-power clutchless upshifts, all while weighing just 455.3 pounds with a full tank of gas.” Considering my autoknow-how is limited to what I retain from watching Top Gear, that’s all well and good: but I’m just struck by how much it reminds me of Street Hawk. And also wondering just how much it’s going to cost if the whole BMW rule about using the model number to determine how many thousands it will run you.
  • Now in retrospect those Oakley boots seem pretty cheap, actually.