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RIP: David Carradine

David Carradine

David Carradine, master of the fu, has died at age 72 in a hotel room in Bangkok where he was working on a film. No cause of death has been established completely as one Thai paper is calling it a hanging suicide–which I’m not buying until somebody else confirms it. Anyway, it’s tragic however it happened.

After conferring with our resident Keeper of the Fu, Doc Ezra, we’ve picked a couple of quick bookend things to remember him by. First–and most obviously–Caine.

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And…Bill. Fantastic speech from the man.

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I thought about saying something about you snatching the pebble from the hand of reality or something, but I think that would have pissed you off. So instead I’ll just say: thanks for everything, David.

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  • I proudly carried my Kung Fu lunchbox to school back in the day (wish I still had it!). His passing inspired me to break out season 1 and watch the pilot with my kids. The episode has held up well. One scene was rather nerving- where his hands are tied, and the rope is brought to his neck, he wears a very creepy smile during the process. I chose to let this slide by my kids, and instead we reflected on his talents. Thanks David, RIP