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S’more Winners Today!


Casey Lanier of Alabama, Anthony Hedden of Missouri, and Marcella Messa of Rhode Island get some cephalapod celebration with Squidbillies Volume 2

Wilton Keene of New Mexico, Mindy Culver of Minnesota, Sandy Berard of Arkansas, David Sheehe of California, and Ingrid Jackson of South Carolina will travel to Dodge City with Gunsmoke: Season 3 Volume 2

Wendy and Lucy goes to Sharon Volande of Utah

Marisa Messa of Rhode Island will be playing undead basketball with Frankenhood

Mod Squad Season 2 Volume 2 will be going undercover with Brianne Gardner of Pennsylvania, Alexandria Mann of California, Sheri Landures of Utah, Mark Carroll of South Carolina, and Helen Sutton of North Carolina

Arthur Cox of Virginia has won Streisand Concerts

Kay Verbeek of Missouri will be waited on by Jeeves and Wooster: The Complete Series

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  • hey, what happened? there are usually a bunch of Canuck winners in each announcement…

    p.s. more QI-related prizes please! :)

  • Wayne– each contest is different, and because it truly is a random selection, we can’t control how many Canadians enter or win! :-)