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700 Bands: 601 – 610

700 Bands

The madness continues. For more information, go here.

601. Random Vanilla Boobs.
I have no idea. Ask Dom.

602. International House of Drunkcakes.
From the mind of Miss Destructo.

603. The Kangaroo Wing Dings.
No, seriously.

604. Call the Plumber, My Shower is Evil.

605. Hello Kitty Dress-up Wolves.
Brilliant from Rikki Simons.

606. Aleister Crowley’s Chiropractor (and Friends).
A.C.C. is one guy and the roster of his backing musicians changes with each album. Imagine Peeping Tom if it was fronted by Weird Al instead of Mike Patton.

607. Are You Awake at the Wheel?
Taken from here.

608. This is the War Room.

609. The God-like Walrus Quartet.
I’m not sure, but imagine Frank Zappa covering the works of Paul Winter.

610. Reaper’s Dozen.
Again, uncertain, but I just imagine a bluegrass Blue Oyster Cult cover band.

New band names up for grabs each Tuesday and Thursday. When we’re not…doing something else. Until we hit 700.