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Steak n Shake’s Red Bull Freeze – Drink Review

Red Bull Freeze from Steak n Shake

So when Miss Destructo mentioned on her Twitter account that this existed, my destiny became clear. After all, it’s no secret that I love ice cream. It’s also no secret that Red Bull is a good friend of mine and has been there for me when many others, including my consciousness and sanity, have fallen by the wayside. So when you put the two together, it seems like a recipe for disaster, stimulation, insanity, palate destruction or all of the above.

Thus, I found myself calling the closest Steak n Shake to see if they had this as an offering and they did. So first chance we had, it was in the car and going there with the sole purpose of trying it. Again: destiny.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, it’s called a “Red Bull Freeze.” People were asking, is it a slushie? A milkshake? Something else? It wasn’t until the waitress brought it out–that’s it, of course, in the pic–that I could see it was indeed a Red Bull milkshake. And it doesn’t look like anything special at all, does it? It looks just like a vanilla milkshake. It’s unassuming. That’s how it draws you in.

[ad#longpost]And when you think about that sort of combo…it might give you pause. But I am here to tell you: hot damn, it was delicious. It shouldn’t work. It really should not. But it does and I can’t for the life of me tell you how. The idea of creamy meeting the distinctive taste of Red Bull has no business entering your mind–but when it hits the tongue the two tastes do a bit of a do-si-do there instead of combining to form some distinctive horror.

I shudder to think about the actual nutritional content of the drink, but I’m sure if you’re interested in such a thing then being healthy is secondary in your mind. I will say that in regards to the buzz it brings on, it is a substantial hit of both caffeine and sugar that really pries your eyelids open.

In short, I wish I had gotten a second one to go, because it was so smooth I could have had another one right afterwards. I do hope this is a permanent fixture at the Steak n Shake, because they’ll have figured out how to make me a regular customer if it is.

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  • Any idea of what they use to make it?
    Or is it just Red Bull with Vanilla Ice Cream…
    I would like to attempt an unnoffical replica, as I’m around 1000 miles away from the nearest source.

  • I think it’s just a vanilla milkshake with Red Bull, but I can’t be certain if it’s a whole can, half-can, or what. I would say experiment. It is, after all, SCIENCE.

  • I have just made a red bull milkshake. I’m sure steak and shake’s is much more complex, but just vanilla ice cream, vanilla extract, and red bull makes something amazingly delicious.

  • Awesome. Now I’m going to have to try to make my own at home. You are the first to respond, Amanda–well done! I want pictures!

  • I shall experiment as well. I will create something along those lines…but more deadly.

  • Had the 1st RED BULL FREEZE in Muncie last night at Steak n Shake. Waiter said I was the first person to order that he knew of locally. AWESOME… I am still PUMPED UP THIS MORNING…. thank you Steak n Shake for shaking things up in the SHAKE world. GO BRIAN VICKERS RED BULL Driver #83 NASCAR

  • Bigby Coffee also makes a red bull freeze. It is amazingly delicious. They use: Ice, Vanilla powder and red bull (I prefer the sugar free redbull in it). I am trying to replicate it at home with not much luck as “vanilla powder” is not as easy to find as I thought…I am going to have to try the ice cream version.

  • They no longer make it but you cant still ask for it, thety malke it by mixing ice cream with half a can of redbull

  • I guess it depends on the store…I went into one and tried that and it didn’t work. But I’ll try most things twice. So…thanks, Unknown!

  • I work at steak and shake, and me telling you this is against my non disclosure agreement, but i got you guys. Its 6 oz red bull, and 3 scoops of shake base (non flavored ice cream), and 2 oz milk. If you can’t get shake base (we get huge tubes of it for around $45 each), you can sub in vanilla ice cream, it will just make it taste like vanilla.
    Also, this is off the menu. So to have someone who knows how to make it rare, due to the high turnover at the restaurants.
    Don’t tell anyone where you got the recipe, I can get in trouble.
    Makes 18 oz of milk shake, and has a whopping 1200 calories in it.