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Win the New Ghost House Underground DVDs!

The Children DVD cover art Offspring DVD cover art Seventh Moon DVD cover art The Thaw DVD cover art

So Lionsgate is back with four new releases in time for Halloween–it’s the Ghost House Underground, and here’s what they have on tap:

  • The Children — which we discussed previously and which looks to probably creep me the hell out when I watch it. Because it’s about an illness that turns children homicidal. And that’s just freaking creepy.
  • Offspring — Jack Ketchum’s novel adapted by the man himself, talking about a tribe of cannibals that rises up in Maine. That’s right, not the middle of the desert–but Maine.
  • Seventh Moon — starring Amy Smart and directed by Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of Blair Witch. Welcome to a section of China where the dead come back and are pissed. Nice.
  • The Thaw — Finding a frozen mammoth carcass used to be fun and games. Now you just wake up a long-dormant parasite and it starts to try and kick humanity’s ass–starting with you. Damn. With Val Kilmer.

So anyway, we’ve got all four here. Three complete sets, in fact. And we’re giving them away. Want to win a set of four? Enter using the form below. And enter once a day. And if we draw your name when it’s over and done with, you win. Good luck!

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