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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 4: Ninjas vs. Zombies

Ninjas vs. Zombies

So Day 4 of our 32 Days of Halloween cavalcade of…stuff…appears to be about fighting. First go-round we had Dracula vs. Frankenstein, then last year it was a selection of “vs.” films.

So the question was…could I find something else that was “vs.” and worthy of inclusion? Answer: yes. Ninjas vs. Zombies.

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Sure it’s a low budget indie film but honestly, is there anything in there that would lead to believe it will not deliver on what it promises? Credit must be given. And yes, although it looks like a joke–from what we can tell it’s apparently a real movie. Somebody had to do it since The South Will Rise Again never materialized. And we still have crying jags about that, just so you know.

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