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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 7: One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond

So last year we had one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes (with one of the best endings of anything anywhere), “To Serve Man.” Of course, we already gave you some Twilight Zone in time for its anniversary, so what to do with ourselves to start Day 7 of 32 Days of Halloween? Well, instead of sticking with the same show–let’s explore the same format: the anthology series.

There’s nothing I would like better than to post my favorite episode of, say, Amazing Stories, “Go to the Head of the Class.” And if you’re thinking, “Was that the Halloween episode with Christopher Lloyd?” Then the answer is a resounding YES. What sucks is that episode is second season and only the first season is available Region 1. So damn.

So without that option open to us, we’ll slip back to One Step Beyond, the anthology series which purportedly dramatized actual events of High Weirdness. This is the first episode, “The Bride Possessed.”

And because we’re on the subject, a word after the jump from a Mr. Mike Patton. (Advisory: inspired noise.)

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