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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Sweded Thing

Sweded Thing

This just might be the most awesome thing you see this week. And it’s your mental sorbet for today because the sheer amount of win will steel you against the work week that is to come. It’s John Carpenter’s The Thing but “fully sweded,” i.e. remade in the spirit of the film Be Kind Rewind, i.e. done on the cheap and hilarious. And, sadly, better than Carpenter’s recent filmography.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

The whole thing is sheer genius, but is there anyone among us who does not think the performance of Blair in that is just ridiculously inspired?

Found via Kindertrauma, who just made my freaking week.

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  • Dude, what was with the chick? There’s no chicks in The Thing! But Blair is indeed inspired. It’s a shame the other actors can’t keep a straight face. :) By the way, I highly recommend ‘Who goes there?’ – the original novella.