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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 26: Make the Bad Men Stop

Ian vs. The Raven

Hollywood, as we all know, has not always been kind to Mr. Poe and his works. Certainly, the works are still there on the shelf, ready to be read and enjoyed. But certain…liberties, shall we say…have always been taken. Case in point is a previous version of The Raven in which it went from a moving poem about loss to a duel between wizards.

As an illustration of this principle, Aaron Poole, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ian Cooke and the Cabin Fever Consortium produced this video, in which they stick to the original text and create a new modern masterpiece. Or a necessary equivalent. Enjoy.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

For more of Aaron’s work on the site, find him here. And Cabin Fever’s home is here.

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