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700 Bands: 631 – 640

700 Bands

The madness continues. Now that obstacles have been removed, we’re on our way. Going to make 700. For more information, go here.

631. Collective Tractor.
Suggested by Bailey. I would really like this band to be Fishbone if there were an all-Soviet era song cover band.

632. Peanut Butter Suzie.
I have no idea. Ask ScottC. Actually, you know what? It’s safer not to ask ScottC.

633. Punting Yoda
Siege suggested this one. And knowing him, he’s actually done this.

634. The Jesus Chicken Horcruxes.
One half of me wants this to be a parody Christian response to bands like Harry and the Potters, singing about how Harry and his books are all satanic. The other half of me wants a taco.

635. The Pudding Casualties.

636. Chief Bottle Weasel.

637. The Whims of Frankie Boyle.
I’m not sure but I think this should be if G.G. Allin decided to front The Wiggles.

638. Cupid in Chaps.
I don’t remember if ScottC came up with this one or not. But for God’s sake, it’s best not to ask him.

639. Rox’s Rowdy Rangers.
The world’s first, to our knowledge anyway, country and western steampunk band.

640. The Plasticine Meerkats.
I have no idea. I blame Phill Jupitus.

New band names up for grabs now until we get done. Because it’s time to be done already.

Entries 621 – 630 here.