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700 Bands: 621 – 630

700 Bands

The madness continues. Now that obstacles have been removed, we’re on our way. Going to make 700. For more information, go here.

621. Mormon Zombie Llamas.
From the enigmatic but inevitable Trelvix.

622. Your Inner Zod.
From our own Pope Hieronymous.

623. The Password Is…
It can be anything but the most blatantly obvious, i.e. Reel Big Fish if sponsored solely by the Game Show Network. As long as you’re not doing that, you’re aces.

624. Dueling Trixies.
I see this as a parody of The Archies filtered through a haze of crystal meth. And the female band members are guys in drag.

625. Ronin Sim.
I really think this needs to be a one-off project where a bunch of musicians from other bands get together to create a parody of an epic fantasy concept album.

626. The Reverse Robot Reveal.
From the so-brilliant-it’s-ridiculous “42 Essential 3rd Act Twists” from Dresden Codak. Found sort of simultanously via Andy Diggle and Apelad and Boing Boing was in there somewhere too.

627. Celery Derivative.

628. Mnemonic October.
I actually got this from a Facebook captcha. And I freaking love it.

629. Free Will and Tits.
Imagine a funk band fronted by Barry White and singing about the works of Arthur Schopenhauer. NOW YOU CAN’T UNIMAGINE IT.

630. Lemons and Hydrogen.
I have no idea. I blame Nick Frost.

New band names up for grabs now until we get done. Because it’s time to be done already.

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  • I have two you could use:
    1. Christopher and the Walken Dead
    2. Brian and the Blessed