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Threadless Now Wants to Clothe Your iPhone

Threadless iPhone case

So, many among you are iPhone converts. And many more of you are Threadless fiends (like we are). Well, just imagine that Griffin Technology and Threadless each rounded a corner and smacked into each other.

“Hey, you got your Threadless designs on my iPhone cases!” “Hey, you got your iPhone case covered in my Threadless design!” Two great tastes that taste great together.

Yes, Threadless, smartly reusing existing art, is making these iPhone cases available on their site as well as at Apple retail stores. There’s two cases available currently. And there’s more in the pipeline, I’m sure.
And P.S., even if you don’t have an iPhone and need a case for it, you need to be aware that one of my favorite zombie tees ever has gotten printed. It’s not on full-on black, otherwise I would have bought two already.

1 comment

  • Dear Threadless,

    How about making these for BlackBerrys or Zune/Sansa/other mp3 players?

    Not all of us have drank the “iCult” kool-aid.