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Congrats to New Winners!


Rita Pollard of Minnesota, Julia Furman of Florida, and Gerald Oakleaf of Kentucky will be a captive audience for Audience of One

ER Season 11 goes to Barbara Hill of Tennessee

Winners of One Tree Hill Season 6 are Margot Kerr of California, Peter Martin of New York, and Biancas Smith of North Carolina

Janet Bucknell of Washington can now behave badly alongside Mad Men Season 2

Early Edition Season 2 will be delivered to Kate Landis of Ohio, Craig Ellis of Pennsylvania, Amber Green of Indiana, Pat Mulheeren of Indiana, and Kristine Karpen of Wisconsin

Get ready, Ira Glass–Nancy Arnold of Ontario, Larry Braziel of Florida, Heather Ford of Oregon, Robert Riordan of Illinois, and Kareem Gragg of California will be soon receiving This American Life Season 2

The State will be visiting Stacy James of the state of Minnesota and Kyle McCarthy in the not-state-but-province of Ontario.

Brandy Lewis of South Carolina will soon be getting From Elvis in Memphis

B is for Bob goes to Tammy Chipperson of Arizona, Jennifer Allen of Michigan, and Kay Smith of Tennessee

The sun is shining for Tamara McKenna of Ohio, George Mayer of Missouri, Fred Warshaw of California, and Myra Schlesinger of Ontario, who have all won Sunshine Cleaning

Stuart Vanderberg of North Carolina, Clayton Hoffman of Ontario, and Erica Brown of Pennsylvania will be in stop-motion heaven with Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 2

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