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Winners, Winners, Winners!


Roger Harris of Hawaii and Donald Taylor of Nebraska will be californicating with Californication Season 2

Secret Saturdays Vol. 1 can now be kept secret by lovely ladies Theresa Dell of New York, Jennifer Darrough of South Carolina, and Samantha De La Rosa of Washington

Lee White of Tennessee, Rachel Silverberg of New Jersey, Michael Freedman of Massachusetts, Bonita Lainhart of Indiana, and Arlene Pappalardo of Illinois will be investigating NCIS Season 6

Umberto Fagiolli of North Carolina, Stephen Ellison of California, Denise Stevens of Georgia, Sandra Knobloch of Connecticut, Leslie Rathbun of New York will soon be touching The Untouchables Season 3 Vol. 1

It’s True! Emily Scott of North Dakota, Isabella Martine of Rhode Island, and Amanda Challstrom of Iowa will be enjoying Lie to Me Season 1

William Anderson of Oklahoma and Christine Roberts of Texas will go crazy with Sons of Anarchy Season 1

Michelle Cox of Texas is scoring a touchdown with San Francisco 49ers: 5 Greatest Games

Michael Robbins of Arizona, Eddie Inman of Vermont, and Diana Greene of Alabama are those crazy kids that get Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Vol. 3

Ian McLean wins NY Giants

Sarah Entemann of Nevada and Jeanine Harris of Washington will be out of this world with Universal Monsters

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