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Win a BBC Video Holiday Prize Pack!

Black Adder Remastered: Ultimate Collection DVD Doctor Who: The Next Doctor DVD
Keeping Up Appearances: Deck the Halls With Hyacinth DVD Planet Earth: The Complete Series DVD Robbie the Reindeer DVD

So it’s the holidays. And if there’s anything that can fill the gaps on your list, seriously, it’s stuff from across the pond. And if the people you need to give gifts to can’t be happy with something in this prize pack, then seriously, have them replaced. Our friends and yours at BBC Video were kind enough to send over an array of goodness: Black Adder Remastered: Ultimate Collection, Doctor Who: The Next Doctor, Keeping Up Appearances: Deck the Halls With Hyacinth, Planet Earth: The Complete Series and Robbie the Reindeer.

We’re giving that entire prize pack away–along with a Doctor Who TARDIS shirt (it’s a large, just FYI)–to one lucky person. And get this: because some of these are holiday-themed, we’re ending this contest when Christmas Day ends. So look sharp, you don’t have a lot of runway–and it becomes more important than ever to enter each day to maximize your chances.

Also, whether you win or not, you can always fill those aforementioned gaps with stuff from the BBC America Shop. For example, here’s their Holiday Gift Ideas section. Go nuts.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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