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Wayhomer Review #13: How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

Episode #13 for How to Train Your Dragon, in which our protagonist is so gabberflasted he forgets to give a bloody synopsis, is pleasantly surprised at how American animation seems to be growing up, and discusses the pleasure of watching a film without wincing.

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  • Best film so far this year. The visual effects are superb, but that’s expected…what’s not expected is how much heart and feeling is in this film. You care about these characters, and the ending is just wonderful…unexpected for this type of film, but it rings true. There are few films where you’ll laugh, cry, and feel the wind as you soar…don’t miss it. If the score for this film does not win an Academy award, there is no justice…it is as incredible as any special effect.

  • Enjoyable movie throughout! The ended was indeed powerful and I applaud Dreamworks for it.
    Your reflection on the current state of animated films today was spot on.

  • Thanks for the comment, Hanno. I think what I was bemoaning after seeing Mononoke for the first time is finally coming around: American animation is growing up.

  • I’m 18 right, and I’m a guy so you would expect me to like stuff like transformers or hott fuzz or fightclub, and I do, that stuff is great. But this movie has to be my favourite movie of all time, I suggest anyone and everyone to go out and watch this cause it will really be worth it! Love it absouloutely!