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Ultimate Weekend Justice #1: Brand New Day

Ultimate Weekend Justice

In an effort to boost ratings of Weekend Justice, we’ve decided that we needed a complete overhaul of the Weekend Justice League’s roster.

As a result, we ask you to say goodbye to the old personas that you knew and tolerated…and get ready for the Ultimate Weekend Justice League with this very first episode of Ultimate Weekend Justice.

The new podcast that will have you saying “Make Mine Needcoffee!” Join us next week for Episode 2: “Now That’s What I Call a Casserole!” where we have the first appearance of Ultimate ScottC!

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  • This is a bit different. I’m still trying to decide what to think about it. But yeah, I had just joined a ‘celebrate Voldermorts defeat day’ thing on facebook so the ‘dressed like a hippogriff’ thing was hilarious. I’ll still going to be listening to discern what to think of this new Weekend Justice. I think I’ll like it once the disoriented confusion wears off.

  • Widge:
    Trying to figure it out, but it can only happen with a new episode. Can’t you see?!? I need three solid hours to ponder the machinations of that very Podcast!! (Starts talking like Doc Brown.)

  • This is probably my favorite April Fools of this year. But, I have to say the first three or four minutes are nearly impossible to stomach.