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Zombie Dinosaurs Lust For Your Large, Spicy Brains

SEIBEI Zombie Dinosaur t-shirt

Like most geeks, you’ve probably pondered the question: what if stop motion genius Ray Harryhausen had conceived of Night of the Living Dead instead of George Romero*? Well, your friends at SEIBEI (home of the Intramural Zombie Hunter League t-shirt) didn’t just ponder the question: they’ve answered it. With a t-shirt. A limited edition t-shirt. And it’s black.

Do I really need to say anything else? When this sucker is gone, it will be solid gone. Find it and more goodness here.

*–Geek disclosure: yes, we know that Return of the Living Dead and John Russo started the whole brains thing and not Romero. But that’s just not as good a reference. No offense to Mr. Russo.