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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Thai Gojira Has a Bad Day

Thai Godzilla

Each week, we try to start you off with something so strange and inexplicable, that you know the week can only get better from here. You’re welcome.

This time around, we go to Thailand, for a profoundly silly and odd short Godzilla-inspired segment in which, I think, many of us can relate. We’ve all been without a spark and needed something to save the day–in his case, it’s petrol–in our case, it’s coffee. We’ve all had some kind of dental work done. And we’ve all been beset upon by wild dogs when we were at our lowest moment. As a result, I feel for the big guy, you know?

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  • Robert: Well, you know these huge monsters. They don’t take direction very well. Another fun fact? Their contracts are very odd. Riddle me this: why does a monster that big need a personal bodyguard?

  • Why a bodyguard?
    Have you *SEEN* some of the phanbois and grrls out there?

    And it’s not like he can just jump into a limo to get away.

  • Louis: Good call. I mean, the big guy could probably take care of himself, but then you have all the liability issues.