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Music Monday: Videos About Coffee, Girls and Robot Sex

Mr. Coffee mug

How can I avoid doing Music Monday when there’s a video somebody put together for “Mr. Coffee” by Lagwagon? That’s like the band and the editor getting right in our face and blowing a raspberry if we don’t feature it right after we found it…

Direct link for the feedreaders.

That’s from the Lagwagon album Duh, which is available from Amazon for $7.98 as I write this. Nice.

This next one is fun. It’s festive. It’s got horns. I’m in. It’s Rene Lopez and the song is “Wednesday.” It’s from his full-length album, People Are Just People, which hits May 4th from Liberation.

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And I know we featured Disco Biscuits a short while ago, but I do dig their song “On Time.” Be warned, hot chicks and robots. Not necessarily NSFW, just steamy towards the end. So take that under advisement.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

That track’s from Planet Anthem, which you can snag either on DVD or MP3 download, both from Amazon. Just click on your format of choice. The MP3 is only $8, though, as I write this–not bad.