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Aaron Poole vs. America(n Food) Part One: The Beginning

Aaron Poole: American Taste Tests

One of the great American pastimes is baseball. I don’t know anything about baseball, except I think it’s the one where you try to put the black round thing into the net. The birdie, I believe it’s called. Sports = weird. Anyway, one of our great American pastimes is inflicting our cuisine upon visitors to our fair shores. So when we had Aaron Poole of Cabin Fever fame over for Red Nose Net 2010, it seemed only fitting to throw food at him and help him film the results. The results as recorded and edited by Aaron begin here. Also featuring evil mastermind Ken Plume, prepare yourself for an odyssey of culinary WTFery like you’ve never seen before–but had you seen it before, you would need to watch it again: because this time it has an accent. That’s right: it’s cultural exchange time. So strap in.

Please note: this video contains some profanity. Most of it from me. Whoops.

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