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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Doki-Doki Beam!

Kodai Shoujo Dogu-chan

Each Monday morning, as your work week is getting started, we want to give you the gift of perspective. If we start your week off with a profound blast of WTFery, the idea is the rest of the madness and chaos that is sure to come as the week progresses–all of that will be easier to take. You’re welcome.

This week, though, we’ve got a doozie. The show is from Japan and, from what I can tell, is called Kodai Shoujo Dogu-chan. And the heroine has super-powered breasts. Not only do they have incredible abilities and look like afterburners when, um, “turned on,” but they also apparently function not unlike the containment units from Ghostbusters.

Breasts, albeit covered, are featured prominently in what you’re about to see. I would declare this NSFW, but frankly I think your boss would be more confused than offended. Enjoy.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

The YouTube video in question calls the “creature” within a “koi ogre.” Koi, of course, are decorative fish. So what we just watched was superbreasts vs. the fish demon? Or was this the strangest version of Innsmouth ever? We, on this side of the ocean, may never know.

Found via Ectoplasmosis.