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  • Poor Widge…even I wouldn’t go see that and I have boobs! Atleast it’s over and you made it out alive.

  • Hellpuppy slobber on the window. You could have just pointed to that as the review…

  • Best… Way… Homer… Ever!

    What do I owe you now?… Besides 2 hours and 30 minutes of your life back.

  • Dear idiots who are trying to leave rude comments on this post. Two rules you must follow otherwise it ain’t going to happen: 1) At least attempt to be funny. Or interesting. Or anything except just rude. So far you are all not impressing me in the least. 2) At least attempt to use proper capitalization and punctuation. So far you all seem like you’re between the ages of 12-14 and it’s bad form to beat up kids, even with words. Without heeding those two admonitions (look up the word), you are welcome to come to this page and give me traffic all day long–it makes me stronger and puts money in my pocket–but your comment absolutely will not appear. But thanks for playing.

  • However, do let me say that to everyone else…thank you. I’m glad you were all amused by my torture.

  • HEE! I own that coffee mug too!

    “…the guy who they got to play Liza Minelli is a good actor…” — BEST. WAYHOMER. LINE. EVER!

    “I think that film gave me hives. I feel itchy all over.” — SECOND BEST. WAYHOMER. LINE. EVER.

    I am amazingly amused by this Wayhomer. Your pain is my amusement. I adore your little giggle towards the end when you say “*giggle* It’s absolutely awful! *giggle*”

    I owe you a big ol’ venti with extra shots. You tell me how many.

  • Excellent Wayhomer sir. That maybe made me laugh harder than anything in the last two months. I feel for your pain, and I wish you a speedy recovery.
    P.s. What shirt were you wearing? It looked awesome.

  • Sorry this is a month late, but I didn’t even realize you actually went through with this madness until I heard Leigh mention it on a recent podcast…all I can say is..HOLY SHIT, you are IN-FUCKIN-SANE! and hilarious, loved every moment! So if you can survive this..”Human Centipede” would be a cake walk, in fact “Sex in the City / Human Centipede” would make a great mash-up.