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Threadless: Off With Her Head And Out With Her Brains!

Alice in Zombie Wonderland

ScottC posted this to Twitter and he was dead-on. It is sort of custom-made for me. Not only is it Alice in Wonderland, which I dig and which we’ve explored before, but it also involves zombies. And with this site, one of our few consistent editorial stances is that “If it’s undead and bleeds, it leads.” So how could I say no to Alice wielding a pair of katanas and going to town on some zombie denizens of Wonderland? The Zombies in Wonderland shirt is fantastic.

Also of note is an awesome Ghostbusters-referencing shirt that ordinarily would be right up my alley as well, but as you will quickly see, “Something Strange in Your Beverage” is on a blue shirt. Maybe on the reprint they’ll get it right.