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Wayhomer Review #29: Inception

Leonardio DiCaprio in Inception

Episode #29 for Inception, in which our protagonist feels like he’s been kicked in the head by a mule, is almost (for the first time) lost for words, and accuses Christopher Nolan of mental impropriety.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • Agreed.

    I walked out of the theatre (theater? whatever) in a complete mental fog. Seriously, my wife looked at me and asked, “are you gonna be okay to drive home?”

    It makes your brain do loop-de-loops. I’ll watch the Blu Ray multiple times when it comes out this week.

  • Yes…I’m sure there will be another mondo edition later, but the Blu-Ray for now will have to suffice. Thanks for the comment!

  • As for the double-dip: I’ve seen enough dudes in black spandex suits covered with little sensor dots. Give me a couple decent commentary tracks on the initial release, and I’m happy.

    Also, love the site and the Wayhomer reviews. I like your style: you judge flicks without bringing a bunch of snooty pretension into the mix. Some critics love to hate just for the sake of it, and well…that’s pretty irritating.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Smith: Thank you kindly! I will say, all dots aside, the behind the scenes bit on the AVATAR set is pretty awesome. It takes the dots to a new level IMO.