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Wayhomer Review #31: Salt

Angelina Jolie in Salt

Episode #31 for Salt, in which our protagonist talks about a very deadly twig, the obvious and immediate answer to the question posed in the promotional materials for the film and how to deal with superspies.

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  • Widge, is that first picture what you look like under the beard? :)
    I was hoping Salt would be a Salt n Pepa biopic to be honest.

  • I’m sorry, but most women, not all, are just not cut out to play spies. Although, I haven’t seen and do not intend to see this movie, I can think of several female actors who would fill the role of SALT much better than Angelina Jolie. This may sound lame, but why was she cast as a blonde??. Who came up with this crappy idea. This is another reason why to me her character is not believable and let’s face it, another downside to this movie is that she looks crappy as a blonde. She was taken more seriously in her roles as being tough and a much stronger character as a dark brunette(i.e. Mr & Mrs Smith). Here she looks more like a Sunday School Teacher, than an alleged spy. And just seeing her character in the previews was enough for me to say that I’m not going to waste my time and money on this movie. To me perception of an actor and his/her role is reality. The movie she made with Brad Pitt(Mr and Mrs Smith) was the last thing I watched of her and Pitt. Call me crazy, but I expect some integrity from actors who I am going to support at the box office, and what she and Brad did to Jenn Aniston was not only immoral, but cowardly. Angie has always been good at helping guys to think with their Johnson. She has managed to take a likable guy and bring him into her dark world. Except for the hollywood fanatics, these two have, for the most part, become irrelevent. I don’t want to hear about their humanitarian efforts and the children they’ve adopted, because they have homes all over the world and have just purchased another with 15 bedrooms and bathrooms, with a complete gym, etc. etc. for a price of about $15 million. I don’t deny anyone there success, but, why would anyone need homes all over the world and 15 bedroom homes here, when you probably spend a couple of weeks, at the most at any given location. Wouldn’t it be a bit more compassionate to hold a more modest portfolio and contribute some of your resources toward the hunger, diseases, homelessness and the need of basic drinking water for about a billion people on this earth. We hold up hollywood celebrities as some type of role models just because they lend their celebrity names to be used for fundraising purposes. Wow!!! I just let this organization use my name to raise money. Am I a great humanitarian or what???. Take something from great businessmen such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who have contribute one half of their earnings toward the plight of the poor and have challenged other well to do celebrities to do the same and who, oddly enough, disagree with all the tax cuts that the Bush Administration gave to the richest 3% of the population. Warren Buffett has has the same tie in his wardrobe for 20 years and is wears it very frequently. While Hollywood women buy $3,000 pair of shoes, wear them once and claim that they’re going out of style. Miley Cyrus at the age of 17, buying a $4.5 million house close to her parents and admitting she can’t cook and she’ll be going over to her mothers to eat because she’ll never have anything in her refrigerator. This is what many of us have become.

  • John: Thank you for that interesting comment but…yeah, it does sound lame that your entire thing seems to hinge upon the fact that you haven’t seen the film and yet already know that she can’t play a spy because she’s not a blonde. It sort of makes the rest of your rant…a bit comical. Sorry, dude, but it does. Thanks for playing, though.