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Stuff: Comic-Con Trailers Bring Zombie Goodness

Ben Cross from Dark Shadows
Go ahead and give the guy a cameo.

There’s a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don’t need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don’t need to know them the second they happen. You, after all, have a life. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here’s one post with everything. Enjoy.

  • Why have I not seen a trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s latest, Black Swan? Seriously, give it up already.
  • The Boys, the highly violent Garth Ennis book in which superheroes have to be dealt with by an enhanced CIA squad, is going to be helmed by Adam McKay (The Other Guys). Source.
  • Will Eisner’s A Contract With God is going to be made into a feature film with different segments helmed by different folks. Production starts in 2011 and should hit the festival circuit next year as well.
  • Seth Grahame-Smith has been tapped to scribe for Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp with Tim Burton in the director’s chair. Grahame-Smith is apparently also adapting his own Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted). Source.
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is getting a English language remake potentially starring Daniel Craig. No, he’s not playing the title character, don’t be silly. David Fincher is slated to helm from an adaptation by Steven Zaillian. It’s scheduled to hit cinemas December 21st, 2011. Source.
  • The Goon teaser trailer makes me silly-damn happy.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

  • Hole in the Wall, the human Tetris game that originated in Japan, is apparently moving to Cartoon Network after previously appearing on Fox. If you want to know what the show is like, click the link provided there and enjoy. Or just…shake your head and wonder WTF like the rest of us. Source.
  • Who’s still smarting from the atrocity of The Last Airbender movie? That’s right: humanity is. But fans can maybe take comfort in the spinoff that’s coming–wait, relax, from the animated series, not the movie–The Legend of Korra. From the original creators, it takes place seventy years later with a new Avatar. Expect it to hit in 2011. Source.
  • Holy crap, folks. The obvious Right Thing to Do is being done by Disney: they are reportedly consulting Pixar about the Muppets. And apparently previously consulted them about Tron: Legacy. Dare we hope? At this rate, I might get everything on my Wish List!

    And speaking of which: new trailer. As Bailey pointed out…only a slight dip into the Uncanny Valley.

  • Direct link for the feedreaders.


  • Speaking of trailers…this one for The Walking Dead is…pretty amazing. I give you a link and not an embed as I don’t believe they’ve put up an official one yet, so expect it to go down. Move swiftly, friends.

  • X-Men: First Class has Kevin Bacon cast as a villain. Which villain remains unconfirmed. Source. I find it terribly amusing that Matthew Vaughn is helming this after signing up for X3–in my opinion–long enough to use it as a publicity move for Layer Cake, which was opening stateside at the same time.
  • Weird Al Yankovic’s deal with Cartoon Network has apparently gone away as he was doing a feature film and they’re no longer doing those. Don’t worry if you didn’t know it was happening, he apparently hasn’t really gone into any details about it previously. In other news, his children’s book hits in March, entitled When I Grow Up. Source.
  • Home Video Announcements

    If you’re planning on ordering these anyway, we humbly ask you do so here. We get kickbacks, and those help pay for things. Like…you know, everything.

  • The Alien Anthology is hitting Blu-Ray with all four films from Fox on October 26th. It’s available for pre-order here.
  • Dollhouse: Season 2 has been announced for October 12th by Fox. You can pre-order the DVD here and the Blu-Ray here.

  • Iron Man 2 has been announced for both a Blu-Ray/DVD combo and a two-disc DVD from Paramount on September 28th. Click those links to pre-order, friends.
  • Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire, the “lost” tour film from Cohen‘s 1972 European tour, has been found and is headed for DVD from MVD Visual August 31st. I love this: how did Tony Palmer, the man who made the film, get the film back after its disappearance? “[I]n 2009, 294 cans of film were discovered in a warehouse in Hollywood, in rusted up cans that sometimes had to be hammered open, and these cans were shipped to me by, of all people, Frank Zappa‘s manager…” Nice. You can pre-order your copy here.
  • The Six Million Dollar Man is coming to DVD–all of it–thanks to Time-Life. It hits in November 2010 and we’ll get you a link as soon as we have one. This monster will have forty discs, all one hundred episodes, the three TV pilot movies, the three reunion movies, and the Bionic Woman crossover episodes, just for starters.
  • Walt & El Grupo, the documentary about Walt Disney and the artistic team he took to South America as a goodwill mission, is now available for pre-order on DVD. It hits November 30th.