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Your Weekend Justice #198: Son, Never Mind Them Brakes

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck–the podcast that’s locked in a basement and singing the same song over and over and over.


Convoy on 45


  • Beware the centaur poop. Plus, Aaron steals Jon’s material.
  • Jon vs. Gin
  • Rob, calling in from the 12th Dimension
  • Viva Mexico!
  • Who was Mole Man in the hotel room and why?
  • The worth of $300 back in the day
  • DreamCon leads off the podcast. Mostly.
  • Why has Kim’s voice gotten so deep?
  • Living in a post-Sharknado world
  • Pacific Rim
  • Scott uses his mic to freak out Aaron (not a euphemism)
  • Why Kidlet is a lost cause (albeit probably due to malnutrition)
  • Defending Battlefield Earth and other supposedly horrible films
  • Rob’s The Way Way Back review
  • In praise of Sam Rockwell
  • [ad#rightpost]

  • Why does the clownfish have a straight razor?
  • The Following post mortem (no pun intended–SPOILERS)
  • Follow this guy to get time off of purgatory
  • Jon and a flash of self-awareness
  • RIP Alabama Music Hall of Fame
  • Where Neil Gaiman isn’t going
  • Filming in Alabama
  • Leverage
  • No, really, this Wolverine movie’ll be good this time!
  • Drooling over Voodoo Donuts
  • Mars, planet of needy bastards
  • Alternate Universe Xanadu
  • Outrageous interception!
  • The worst pitch ever
  • How to freak out relatives during a gas leak
  • J.J.’s imaginary workplaces
  • Headsup: There’s new Weekend Justice gear as well in the Zazzle store.

    Thanks to Jon from The Unique Geek for helping us sound good.

    As always, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting us use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as our theme music for this.

    Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find “Promoter”. Buy their latest album, Earth Rocker. Send them love and coin.

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