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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: A Clown, Some Broccoli & Hair Tigers

Bimbo the Clown

Each week we try to find some key bits of video that will simply make your brain stop. Because let’s face it: if you’re working a day job, your brain will sometimes hinder rather than help you. Or perhaps you do need your brain…we can at least numb it to the point where the rest of the week will make a helluva lot more sense after you watch this stuff.

First up, this is from a beloved Canadian children’s show. Some of you may have fond memories from it. Personally, I first thought I was watching some kind of bizarre surreal performance art. It never seems content with a single level of weirdness–it’s like a weirdness overachievement.

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This video is included not just because it is odd, but because it proves that even Googling “Talking Broccoli” can garner results.

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And last but not least, watch this video and ask yourself: “Wasn’t this an episode of Tales From the Darkside?”

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  • Please Christopher Walken, could you see about dubbing the Broccoli and Banana show for real? That guy is an imposture. I don’t have a drawing to give you.

    Thank you,

    Rox of Spazhouse

  • On the last video, there are a lot of practitioners of Voodoo cringing at use of all that hair.