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Our Winners are Flying High!

Human Glider

Jimmy Hollywood goes to Donna Ostrander of Pennsylvania

Howard Jacobsen of Virginia, Iris Buford of North Carolina, and Susan Pertierra of Florida will be swimming along with Oceans

Jennifer Jozwiak of Virginia can get touched by the Touch of Ice figure

Ladybugs on Blu-ray will be kicking around the soccer ball with Harry Wellington of Texas

Jimmy Galbraith of Missouri, Jane Komppa of Minnesota, and Robert Riordan of Illinois can say “I Do” to I Do & I Don’t

Donna Christenson of Florida gets the Oasis Prize Pack

Brandi Douglass of Arizona will be cracking up with Best of SNL- Will Ferrell and Tracy Morgan

It’s no accident: Accidents Happen is going to Mike Gearhart of NY, Laura Singleton of MO, and Julia Eddy of CA

Batter up! Patrick Jaggers of Louisiana wins the Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Collector’s Edition

Carl Williams of Utah and Alex Rich of New York will be receiving Playing For Change Live

The fight continues for Eva Kilmer of Ontario with Rambo on Blu-ray

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