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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 4: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Alan Tudyk from Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

So it’s turned into a Day 4 tradition to focus on “vs. films.” In other words, when you need to create conflict, there’s nothing quite like (or as simple as) just taking two existing things and making them battle it out.

We started this off with Dracula vs. Frankenstein, then did a round-up of vs. trailers, then last year we had Ninjas vs. Zombies. But now…

Well, Bailey sent me this. And I think it’s brilliant. It’s a film that takes the tired “backwoods brutality” formula and turns it on its head. I warn you: the trailer is very, very spoilery. Probably 60% of the film is given away. If you don’t want to watch it, just know this: Tucker and Dale are two nice hillbillies who get mistaken for mass murderers by a bunch of city teens who have come out for a camping trip. Hijinks ensue.

That being said: I’ve watched the trailer a few times and I still want to see the whole film. Probably twice. Plus: Firefly fans, Alan Tudyk is in it and Reaper fans, Tyler Labine is in it.
(Update: For some reason, the original trailer’s been taken down…and the new trailer gives away half the fun.)

No word on a domestic release date, but it’s been playing festivals. Keep an eye on their Twitter account and their official site is here. Tell them we said hi.