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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 10: Japanese Horror

Kairo Pulse ghost

Today is about J-Horror. This after we first gave you the Japanese Evil Dead trailer. Then the Japanese trailers of Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead. But now we’re going for some Japanese originals.

Yes, we try to capture the essence of Japanese horror when we remake them over here…but it just doesn’t work. When we try to remake them we don’t necessarily take the teeth out of them–this is Japanese horror, so it’s more like we remove all the spiny bits with the barbs on the end.

Here’s a case in point. You remember the trailer for One Missed Call? The English version, that drew laughter from the audience every time they showed it in front of another film? Here’s the Japanese version, aka Chakushin Ari. It actually feels creepy and menacing. For a change of pace.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

One Missed Call is available on DVD from Amazon.

Then there’s Pulse. Remember the incredible silly, non-sensical American version of Pulse, which again, was laughable? Okay:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Pulse is yet again available on DVD from Amazon.

Then there’s just the OMGWTF factor of Japanese trailers. Here’s one for Infection aka Kansen. You’re thinking, ah this is some kind of crazy rage zombie Return of the Living Dead thing. Then you get to about 1:15 in and realize…whoops, oh hell.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Infection is available on DVD from Amazon as well.

And for another change of pace, it’s not all about freaking people out. It’s…well, you can also find this:

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And that’s available on DVD. If you’d like some of that action.

Do you have a favorite J-Horror film? Tell us about it in the comments.

Year One we brought you the trailer for The South Will Rise Again…which will apparently never, ever get past the trailer stage. Oh well.