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Win World War II 360 on Blu-ray!

World War II 360 Blu-ray Cover Art

The History Channel has the entirety of World War II 360 on Blu-Ray. And we have a copy to give away. And here’s what they have to say for themselves:

It was a war–and a series of military campaigns–like no other. HISTORYâ„¢ puts viewers in the middle of the action with WORLD WAR II 360º: BLU-RAY EDITION, featuring two revealing programs that use cutting-edge computer graphic animation and the latest technology to bring a 360-degree view of the Second World War.

Across five blu-rays and 17+ hours of battle-hardened action, audiences will be swept up in heated conflicts in two HISTORY series seen here in their entirety. In Battle 360°, follow the only carrier to be front and center in every major sea conflict in the Pacific. The USS Enterprise and its men fought saw some of the fiercest multi-front battles ever witnessed in modern combat as they fought off the enemy from the air, the sea, and underwater. Then, travel with Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. as he leads his heroic soldiers in North Africa, in the invasion of Sicily, and in the charge across Europe to defeat Hitler’s Third Reich. Patton 360° weaves a mix of CGI battle scenes, interviews with historians and men who fought under Patton, and commentary by modern-day military experts, offering a dramatic analysis of the brilliant strategy and leadership Patton exemplified as he beat back the Nazi tidal wave in WWII.

Again, we have a copy here. Want to win it? Enter using the form below. Enter once a day, in fact. If we draw your name when the contest closes, you snag it. Good luck!

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