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Halloween Movie Night No. 15: Battle of the Worlds

Battle of the Worlds

Tonight we have a little sliver of awesome for you. First of all, Battle of the Worlds is not, in fact, an Italian sci-fi ripoff of Battle of the Planets. But thank you for playing. Although, admittedly, Claude Rains as the voice of Zoltar would be pretty goddamn spiffy.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes. Not only is this cheesy sci-fi goodness from 1961 but you get the equivalent of a dumbshow in music form…check out the theme music, which sets you up for what’s coming: “The Outsider.” Freaking hilarious. And the dialogue is so howl-worthy you’ll wish the rogue planet would indeed destroy us all. Plus…terribly unrealistic: on the cusp of armageddon you should never “skip the coffee.” Enjoy.

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