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32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 19: The Last Woman on Earth

Last Woman on Earth

Could someone please re-work this so the theme song is “Love is Like Oxygen” by Sweet? It’s tonight’s pick, the Roger Corman-helmed 1960 film, The Last Woman on Earth. What happens when oxygen becomes a premium and the only people who survive the apocalypse are the ones who were conveniently scuba diving at the time? It’s sort of like a more straightforward version of The Quiet Earth–this film makes my head hurt less. Note: the film was written by Robert Towne, best known for scribing–along with a slew of other projects–Chinatown. Towne also appears among the trio of leads in the film as the lawyer, credited as Edward Wain. Enjoy!

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Last year at this time we were watching Duel. The year before that, it was the original 1942 Cat People.