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Halloween Movie Night No. 21: From Beyond the Grave

Peter Cushing in From Beyond the Grave

Welcome to Movie Night No. 21, which is our Official “From” Night. In which we use, as our very flimsy theme for the evening, titles where something is from something else. Prior year examples include They Came From Beyond Space and Brain From Planet Arous.

This year we’re going with an impressive cast list: Donald Pleasance, David Warner and Peter Cushing among them, in From Beyond the Grave. The moral of the story is: never try to cheat Peter Cushing. Something will probably end up handing you your ass. Also, it’s weird seeing David Warner this young–even younger than Time After Time young.

This is the last of the anthology films that Amicus put out–the first of which we posted back in 2008, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors. Enjoy!

Update: Alas, the full film’s been taken down. So we’ve fallen back on the trailer.

From Beyond the Grave is available on DVD from Amazon. And back in 2007, before we settled on the From Theme, we were watching a werewolf-fueled double feature.