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Halloween Movie Night No. 21: They Came From Beyond Space!

They Came From Beyond Space

Looking at last year, we were watching a Wolf Man Double Feature, of Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory and The Werewolf of Washington. But then I stumbled across this film, They Came From Beyond Space, and learned it was based on my favorite book title of all time: The Gods Hate Kansas. Aeons ago, a good friend gave me a postcard with the cover of that book on it. It’s been a perennial on my fridge since then. And now…the motion picture:


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  • Aww, MAN!! I can’t believe you mentioned that book, “The Gods Hate Kansas” — THAT was the very FIRST science fiction book I EVER read, at about age 4 1/2 in 1961 or so, and I was living in Kansas at the time… I still remember being surprised that salt domes under Kansas are one of the few places on Earth where Helium, produced when radioactive alpha particles slow down enough to deionize, can be “mined”, extracted from pockets of natural gas — and the Aliens had a “thing” about something or another that could be done with Helium to destroy them… Woooosh, memories… I remember exactly, finding that book in an old cardboard box of books out in the old chicken house, and sitting out there reading voraciously, with the background smell of dust and dried hay and old chicken poop… And at some point much more recently my wife gave me a clock with that book cover for the clock face; it’s sitting on a shelf in my closet, now to be pulled out and dusted off… Wow, thanks for that vivid flashback!