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Make Your Own Soft Drink (Can)!

Boot to the Head: THE COLA

For those wondering, this drink has 200mg of caffeine, no high fructose corn syrup but only real sugar, guarana, yerba mate, horny goat weed in a proprietary blend known as “Slapping You Any Harder And Your Mum Would Feel ItTM.” And with your help–one day I will actually have a huge media empire and I will make this drink a reality.

In the meantime, you can go make your own here. Got a good one? Upload it someplace and stick a link in the comments. Make sure you list your ingredients.

Do your own here–from the same people who brought you the cassette tape generator. Found via Neatorama.

Update: Crap…well, it’s apparently too popular and has been wreaking havoc on their webserver. Keep checking. Problems of abundance can usually be solved.