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Win I Hate Everything!

I Hate Everything

It’s the hate opus that is Matthew DiBenedetti’s I Hate Everything. It’s out from Abrams Media, and here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Amateur haters, take note – author Matthew DiBenedetti hates everything. From the moment he wakes up (hating morning eye crust and that the coffee cup still says “hot contents” after it’s cooled) to the minute his head hits the pillow (loathing hard beds, recurring caught-in-his-underwear dreams, and the sound of the highway when he goes to sleep), this guy just can’t seem to find anything to like. And while it’s easy to hate the obnoxious, or the annoying, or the evil, it takes true talent to hate everything – really, truly, everything.

With such a variety of miserable musings, on irks great and small, valid and not, from cute kitten calendars to Christmas cards with friends’ ugly kids, you’ll find something to laugh at – and someone to loathe with – in I Hate Everything.

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