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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Are You Hungry?!

Clown Cookin

Each week we try to start you off with something…different…for your Monday. The item we want to kickstart your brain with can be anything from inspirational to terrifying. Because your brain has to be ready for whatever the work week is going to throw at it. And we’re here to help. Kinda.

At the latter end of the spectrum is this week’s pick. Yes, granted, this appears to be just bits of a concept reel for a kids show that couples the iffy subject of clowns with the helpful subject of food and healthy eating, with a bilingual piece thrown in. So on paper, it seems like it might be okay. But from the moment the camera whip-zooms in on the face of the terrifying chef clown, you know that you’re in for a new recipe in terror. From there, the potentially cute goes into nightmare-land with anthropomorphic kitchen implements, a talking recipe book (we guess that’s what it is) and a guy who appears to be wearing pasta on his head. You’ve been warned.

This just goes to show: careful what you Google. My first idea for today was “clown cooking show” and certainly got what I expected.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


  • The self-loathing and depression was palpable in that clip. Especially “Stan the Traveling Snack Man” No doubt all of them were aspiring character actors.