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Our Winners are Going the Distance!

Bob Burman, race car driver

Human Target Season 1 will be targeting Curtis Langdon of West Virginia, Michael Abell of Tennessee, Darlene Mohammed of California, Wesley Cummins of NC, and Timothy Stesney of Alaska

Shoot the Hero! will be shooting over to Roberta Preciado of Arizona, Merlyn Witte of Illinois, Kristine Vanderford of Florida, Sharon Whitehurst of Florida, and Brett Romine of Kansas

World War II 360 on Blu-ray goes to Jeffery Steinmetz of Kentucky

Kathy Braxton of Ontario can hang out with Wolverine and the X-Men: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

Christine Ryals of Georgia will be getting some help during this festive season in the form of Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black

Lynn Poulson of Utah gets to enjoy The Maltese Falcon on iTunes

Helen Philip of Ohio will be riding with Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Wild Ride Megaset

Congrats to all the winners. Don’t see your name up there? Don’t panic. There are plenty of chances to win. Just a reminder– you can enter up to once a day (but no more than once a day, please) per household. Find our contests here. Our become a fan of our contests on Facebook. And hey: subscribe to our contest feed so you don’t miss a single chance to enter–the day you miss entering might have been Your Day!

Image: Library of Congress.

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