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32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 14: The Oblong Box

The Oblong Box

We complain when Hollywood buys the film rights to something just so they can use the name. But this is nothing new. And probably one of the authors who’s had this done more often than not is Edgar Allan Poe. Case in point: the 1969 film version of The Oblong Box. Basically they kept the title…and that’s about it. It’s one thing to do it with a short story…but they turned The Raven into a pair of dueling wizards for crying out loud. Anyway, the good news is the original stories still remain as they were.

We got here because it’s Christopher Lee time (and he’s in this with Vincent Price) and I still can’t find the 1960 Hands of Orlac.

The film’s available as a double-feature on DVD with Scream and Scream Again.

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