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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Kiddie A Go-Go

New Colony Six

Each week we try to give you something that will start your week off either very right or very, very wrong. We do this in the hopes that it will prepare you mentally for what is to come: namely another week of work. Granted, this week we’re leading into the New Year after the madness of Xmas, so we’ll go a little easy on you.

In fact, this time around we want to make you feel better about yourself. Before it comes across that I’m completely insulting what you’re about to watch, let me just make myself plain: New Colony Six was–and apparently still is, as they’ve reformed and are playing shows, per Wikipedia, which is always right–a serious band. Serious enough to put out four albums, chart ten times, and popular enough to warrant two compilation releases. All this while sounding like an unrealized title from the mind of Jack Kirby.

And let me also make it clear: I do not know the state of Chicago television in the 1960s. Whereas somebody like Janelle Monae has David Letterman’s show these days to go debut on, maybe Kiddie a Go-Go was the height of TV gigs at the time. This all very possible. But…it looks like Middle School Dance Hell on Earth to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: whatever you’re doing right now, at least you’re not lip syncing on a cross between American Bandstand and Romper Room. Take a deep breath: 2010 is almost behind us.

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