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Win a Cthulhu Tequila T-Shirt from Tshirt Bordello!

Cthulhu Tequila

A spin on the classic “Cthulhu Tequila” idea (and has somebody made a real Cthulhu Tequila drink? And if not…why not?) from our friends and yours at Tshirt Bordello. Click through to their site to see the full design. But it’s reportedly 40% ABV and sold in 750ml containers. The drink is “Distilled and Bottled in Arkham Massachusetts by the H.P. Lovecraft Co. Est. 1926.” The slogan, of course, is “This time the Wyrm eats you!” Love it.

They’ve sent along an XL version of the shirt for us to give away. Want to win it? Naturally. (Or unnaturally, however you prefer.) Enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

But be of good cheer! For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.

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  • hey Widge, any chance that you can get smaller size shirts to give away some of the time? XL is way too big for me so I don’t even bother with those contests…

  • Wayne: If we get multiple sizes, then yes. But if I can only go with one size, I go for XL because that’s sort of “in the middle” of what’s available to get the best bang for our non-buck. And doing a contest where you get to pick your size would just be a big hassle. No pun intended. Sorry, amigo.

  • mmmm, I can has cheezburger?

    board weirdness, I knew you had replied from the Recent Comment box on the homepage but couldn’t get it to appear here… but I could see Jack’s post in the wayhomer review which I think may have been after your reply :-S

    anyway, based on missing the last word, I thought you were suggesting a Double Down Sandwich — which I think I missed trying :-( they came and went in Canada in less than a month (as planned), even though it was the best selling item ever at KFC Canada (KFC Canada said it could put it on the permanent menu if sales were strong, but it apparently didn’t despite the record sales).

  • Wayne: Not sure which word is missing, but your comment didn’t show up at first because comments are moderated. If it ever doesn’t show up, just stand by and it will given time.

  • I meant from reading the Recent Comment box I couldn’t see the last word of your post…

    sorry about the re-posting, thing is the post usually appears for me to see, even before you approve it, but a few times lately it hasn’t… e.g. the post in the wayhomer review was there for me to see but the above post wasn’t, and you hadn’t approved either yet… I waited and re-loaded several times but it looked like it was lost… wonder if it’s a cookie/browser issue or a wordpress issue, anyway, I’ll try to let it go next time :-)