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Wayhomer Review #49: The Green Hornet 3D

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in Green Hornet

Episode #49 for The Green Hornet 3D, in which our protagonist talks about wanting Britt Reid to die, wanting Britt Reid to die, and then wanting Britt Reid to die.

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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  • You have confirmed my expectation. I thank you for suffering through this movie so that I do not have to. Your anguish has been noted and will never be forgotten. Thanks.

  • Go, Widge, go! May your righteous anger send this film to where it belongs…out of theaters and onto Netflix. If that.


  • I’ll go a step further. I saw it and I think Seth Rogen is box office poison. He ruins everything he is in. He’s just obnoxious and neurotic.

    This was like watching Mad magazine parodying The Green Hornet. Alway cast an attractive leading man as your superhero. Nothing else works.

    Seth Rogen destroys the movie. Cato is excellent. All the special effects, cars, big budget items are ruined and wasted by Rogen. He’s too ugly and he is definitely not funny. He even makes tasteless, not funny remarks about Cameron Diaz when she is applying to be his secretary.

  • Ed: You’re very welcome.

    Wolven: There is a brief but notable nod to Bruce Lee.

    Lillie: I can’t speak to the ugly thing myself (I don’t think he’s that bad looking but, I mean, look at me, I can’t talk) but I think the whole obnoxious/tasteless thing would have worked, had he turned around. Instead he never redeemed himself, therefore it was a waste. Anybody else in the role with a better script (and a Gondry movie that feels like, you know, a Gondry movie) would have been great IMO.

    Thanks to everybody for watching and commenting.

  • Holy wasted potential. I was so pumped to see this, but it sounds like I’d be better off watching Billy Zane in his Grimace-purple Phantom getup than this.

    Or Alec Baldwin in his prosthetic Shadow nose. See what I did there?

  • How did (does) your camera-woman not start laughing during this? Hahaha. Spot on.

    My current facebook status is now: “‎…The man who brought us Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind gave us The Green Hornet *IN 3D!*? =|

    I haven’t seen The Green Hornet, yet, but I don’t think I even want to.”

    I didn’t realize it was Gondry.