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Music Monday: Gordon Voidwell, Post Harbor and mOsno…

More music picks for your Monday curated by Rob & myself. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

Gordon Voidwell: Ivy League Circus
Post Harbor: They Can't Hurt You...
mOsno: low-tech

[ad#shortpost]I’d like to lead off with Gordon Voidwell, who has a full-length album coming out later this year. I can’t get over the terrifying retro nature of this music video and yet I manage to dig the song anyway. It’s “Ivy League Circus.”

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The single is available as an MP3 download from Amazon.

Here’s another one of my picks: “Shirakashi” from the band Post Harbor.

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The song itself is available as a free MP3 download from Amazon as I type this. The album is the fantastically titled They Can’t Hurt You If You Don’t Believe In Them. It’s available as a CD or MP3 download.

Here’s one last pick from me: this is mOsno, and I performed at an open mic in Baltimore where he also appeared. That was probably my favorite reading of all time, because in addition to the reading I got to meet, in one fell swoop, a crapload of creative awesome people. Here he is with a track from his low-tech EP, “Description.”

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Find out more about his stuff and get more of his music here.

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments: Bait and Switch
PJ Harvey: Let England Shake

Now I turn things over to the real expert, Rob Levy. This is Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and their song “Fire in the Swimming Girl” from their 1994 album Bait and Switch:

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It’s currently available from Amazon as an MP3 download.

And lastly we’ve got, also from Rob, PJ Harvey from her new album Let England Shake. This is “In the Dark Places.”

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The new album is available from Amazon as a CD or MP3 download.